AmpleTech VoIP Services

AmpleTech VoIP Services

VOIP – AmpleTech supply voice minutes to Small and Medium Enterprises for the cheapest local and international call rates over fixed and mobile networks.  We also supply Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems and tailor communication solutions to individual business requirements.

You can learn more about VoIP and how it works here.

A phone call to all phone numbers on our network is simply FREE (for the next six months at least) and in most cases we are cheaper than Skype call-out. You also pay significantly reduced rates at the terminating (destination) network as result of the combined buying power of our customers and partners.  It is a win-win solution where we pass part of the savings on to our customers.

Our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions are simply brilliant!! Imagine only paying for a local call in any part of the world. For example, a phone call to a cellphone in the United States may cost less than a local call to your neighbour as charged by the major local telecommunication providers. However you also pay much less for the local call to the neighbour via our network as result of our combined buying power, as stated in the previous paragraph.

Lets face it; unless you are a huge corporation spending millions in monthly telephone calls, the major telecommunication providers are not even going to listen to you. Fortunately, with our partners, we compare with the largest corporations in South Africa and the major telecommunication providers have to pay us for their calls to our customers. That is why we and our partners can compete for major discounts for any call we route to the major providers, and you get the benefits while receiving personal attention – something you cannot get from the major providers where you disappear amongst the crowd.

Unbeatable VoIP Solutions

Benefits of AmpleTech VoIP Solutions

  • Optimum least cost routing with the best call rates.
  • Number Portability Database access for optimum routing.
  • Keep your number when moving anywhere in South Africa.
  • Call Detail Record (CDR) data direct from the Internet.
  • Free calls to all numbers on our network (Next six months).
  • Free telecommunication audit with no obligations.
  • No interconnect fees on incoming calls.
  • Free installation in covered areas.
  • Free Support and Monitoring.
  • Guaranteed rate per minute.
  • Significant Monthly Savings.
  • Best of Breed Hardware.
  • Risk Free – No Contracts.
  • No hidden costs.

Note:  We reserve the right to replace our equipment and adapt our services accordingly at any time.

Yes, you do get FREE calls to all numbers on our network for the next six months, there are no interconnect charges on incoming calls and yes there are no contracts so you are not “married” to us with a contract. We are so confident that our customers will stay with us as result of our unbeatable services, that we will do the unthinkable and go one step further. We will buy back VoIP equipment sold to you within 30 days from the date you order our VoIP services if you are not 100% satisfied. We have eliminated all risks to you, now who can beat that?

If you have any questions, please call us or contact our Sales Department today to start saving on your monthly telephone bills.

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