Marketing Tips – Market Research Tools

Marketing Tips – Market Research Tools

MARKETING TIPS – Almost 97% of people in first world countries are turning to the Internet for information. This figure drops to around 40% for the global word population; however this is about to change with the advances in smartphone technologies. Today there are three times more cellphone users in the world than there are computer users, and smartphone technologies will soon enable most of the world’s population to access the internet; even those in rural areas.

With these figures, it is just logical to turn to the internet to do market research and to market your products and services. A recent market research however indicates that less than one percent of South African businesses have optimised their internet marketing efforts. The internet marketing field is therefore wide open to gain an advantage above competitors with a little market research and clever internet marketing strategies.


Although marketing experts use advanced and often expensive market research tools, there are many free and easy to use tools available to small business owners. Almost 35% of all internet traffic comes from internet search facilities like Google, Yahoo and Bing, while Google dominate in this area with almost 65% of all internet searches going through Google. It is therefore advisable to obtain some answers directly from Google.

If you would like to query Google directly, here are a few handy links:
1. Google Trends – Find out how market demands change over time.
2. Google Hot Trends – Find out what is hot and in demand right now.
3. Google Insights – Find out what people are searching for on Google.
4. Google New Keyword Tool – Find Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords and Estimated Internet Traffic.
5. Google Search – Regular Internet Search.


It is also advisable to learn a few advanced search operators to get specific answers straight from Google’s Search Engine results. For example you may use “” to find sites linking back to any site that outrank your own for a search term. The goal is to see if you can get backlinks from the same sites to boost your search rankings ethically, not with web spam created by some automated tools or spam bots. Another is “” to get other handy SEO info about any website. Obviously you should replace “” with an actual URL and don’t need the “http” or “www” before the domain name. For more info about advanced search operators, see the independent Google Guide.

AUTHOR: Hans Vosloo

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