Marketing Tips for Musicians, Artists, Professional People and Businesses

You are wasting money if your merchandise do not attract potential customers to your website.

Marketing Tips for Musicians, Artists, Professional People and Businesses

MARKETING TIPS – In the past Musicians, Artists, Professional People and Businesses had to attract visitors for their websites by publishing website URLs on Business Cards. Those who were a little more innovative published their website addresses on merchandise; however the public first had to go to their computers to visit a website in order to obtain more information about the product or company.

CD Cover wit QR CodeModern cellphones with Internet access however presented a total new opportunity to attract potential customers. People just use their cellphones wherever they go. Consider the fact that most people want more information before purchasing anything, and that they go to the Internet for that information, and it just makes perfect sense to link your merchandise to your website. In fact you may actually lose a potential customer if your opposition is just one step ahead of you on the Internet.

People in shopping malls and other shopping facilities that are browsing through the merchandise on display, are already in a shopping mode and want more information about products that attract their attention. That is why this is the ideal opportunity to present them with more information; not when they are at work or relaxing at home with a magazine or newspaper. Who want to read the advertisements and the spam they receive in their mailboxes, phone calls, SMS messages or those published in the media and broadcasted on TV or radio, especially after a busy day at work or after shopping? That is why most forms of advertising is vastly inefficient and why a simple little Quick Response Code (QR Code) on merchandise make such a big difference.

Cole van Dais - Vrede Sal KomIt is just a simple fact of life; give people information they want when they want it, and they will love you. Force it down their throats any other time, and they will probably hate you. The best time to promote your product or service is when people are in shopping mode and searching for information. A simple little QR Code on your merchandise presents the right information at the right time to the right person, and may put you one step ahead of your competition to secure the deal.

AmpleTech can assist with advanced websites that are cellphone compatible and with QR Code generators to enable you to send the public directly to a specific page on your website via a QR Code on your merchandise. The ideal is to post relevant information about all your products on your website, and to use the applicable product to send the public to the page about the product.

The images here only serve as examples. Obviously you may prefer to place a QR Code somewhere discreet, where it can easily be found without affecting the visual attraction of the merchandise.

Learn more about QR Codes or contact us to gain an advantage over your opposition with your marketing efforts.