Powerful Websites Broadcast Information to Cellphone Users around the World

The most powerful websites in the World today

Powerful Websites Broadcast Information to Cellphone Users around the World

POWERFUL WEBSITES – Imagine up to 4.5 billion cellphone users around the world receiving broadcasted messages from your website and everyday objects inviting the public to tune in. Advanced technologies turned modern websites into powerful broadcasting and communication platforms that connect people around the world via the internet with business communication facilities. Businesses can now engage the public via their websites and integrated social networks whilst complying with Consumer Protection Legislation. Public participation is voluntary and no spam is involved.

With dynamic QR Codes on cellphone compatible websites, information can be now be published about a product and the webpage QR Code can then be presented on the product itself, allowing the public to access the applicable webpage with their cellphones. The public use cellphones wherever they go and consult the internet for information rather than offline publications when shopping, when on vacation and for daily needs. Everyday real world objects can now entice the public to visit websites where they get up to date product information, call product representatives and where they can also subscribe to RSS News Feeds directly via cellphones or alternatively via third party websites, web browsers and e-mail facilities.

Modern Websites or Web Logging (Blogs) are powerful communication facilities rather than static online brochures; enabling companies to communicate with people anywhere via website features. Powerful software allow business owners to maintain and update their own websites via administration panels; where content can be modified using word processor-like interfaces to publish information, photos, videos and other media. Templates or themes can change the look and feel of a website while modules, add-ons or plug-ins can add additional capabilities according to the requirements of the website owner.

AmpleTech assist corporations, franchises, shopping malls and communities to create powerful websites where each department, franchisee or business can have their own independent website or blog on the same domain; thereby creating a virtual website centre where individual businesses attract website visitors for each other, comparable to shopping malls in the real world. A selection of themes and plug-ins allow the independent website administrators to create a unique look and feel for the individual sites.

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The features illustrated above are by no means a complete list of features. Additional features are constantly being developed and added as the need arises.


Although it is advisable to maintain a corporate web presence where the public is made aware of the corporate image, mission, value system and policies of a company; the business end or sales front of companies should be much more flexible to keep the public up to date with the latest products, services, daily events, trends, interesting articles, advise, hints and tips, the local whether, news and much more. Static websites however do not provide this type of information or interaction and therefore do not attract internet visitors; they do not gain customer loyalty and visitors feel they are kept at a distance.

Although static sites are important to build the company image, they are almost useless from a marketing, sales and public relation perspective. That is why marketing budgets are frequently directed to other forms of marketing while the most important source of gaining customers is often neglected. People, who are ready to buy something, turn to the internet for information and want to interact, communicate and socialise with a company before doing business. Public interaction does not only send the message that a company is open for business, it also create a sense of security as potential customers know they can voice their opinion after a purchase was made.


NOW is the time to grab a powerful dynamic website to interact and communicate with the public this festive season. Contact AmpleTech today for a consultation as time is running out and we may not be able to assist you before peak season if you don’t act now.

Companies all over the world are still adapting to the concepts on offer today; so your business can still become leaders in the global race for interaction with cellphone consumers on the internet this Festive Season.


  • You can turn your website into a powerful internet broadcasting facility. RSS News Feeds enable people across the world to subscribe to website publications from their cellphones. It also enables the broadcasting of information to other websites in a broadcasting network, thus creating many back-links across the internet for each and every published article. With a thousand companies participating in a RSS network, your website will gain 1000 x back-links to your website for each and every new website publication. Search facilities like Google regard back-links as a vote of popularity and adjust Search Engine Rankings accordingly. The more you contribute valuable information to the internet, the higher your website will rise in the search results of related search terms, gaining your site more internet visibility in Search Engines.
  • Website owners can easily maintain their own websites. No need for outsourced website developers to update site information as site owners can change and add information hourly if needed. Every new article or publication is a broadcasted message via the RSS News Feed, to which cellphone users can subscribe and unsubscribe voluntary in compliance with Consumer Protection Legislation. The website software is intuitive and easy to use.
  • You can turn your website into an online club for internet visitors. Interesting and informative articles can be published to attract more website visitors; who can join a website as a subscriber or club member with the ability to comment on publications, thus gaining the site owner direct access to potential customers and increased search engine rankings.
  • RSS News Feeds can also be used to syndicate websites and social facilities like Facebook, Twitter and others. Socialising with customers creates a sense of friendship and lowers resistance to occasional marketing information, thereby attracting website visitors and an increase in sales. Links to Facebook and social facilities from a website publication, allow potential customers to share information with their friends on social services and creates an internet buzz about your business activities.
  • Dynamic websites with unique and fresh content are also highly regarded by search engines, and serve to gain search engine rankings for improved internet exposure via Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Few websites are compatible with the small screens and low processing power of cellphones. There are three times more cellphone users worldwide than people accessing the internet from computers. Cellphone compatible websites attract many more cellphone visitors than traditional computer targeted websites and are currently achieving top positions in cellphone dedicated search facilities by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Websites can also be updated from anywhere just using a cellphone.
  • Business owners can now use QR Codes on every product, brochure or any other real world publication to supply additional information to cellphone users and aid in the efficiency of offline marketing campaigns. QR Codes linking to websites or web pages is only sensible if the website is cellphone compatible, and drive more visitors to a website from products and everyday objects where the QR Code is displayed.
  • Click to Call technology can be implemented to allow cellphone visitors to click a website button to call an appropriate department or representative responsible for a specific webpage or product on a webpage.
  • Flash Media, Animations, Slide Shows, Video, Audio, Electronic Maps and much more can easily be published and incorporated on websites.
  • The website look and feel can be changed entirely by just activating another template while additional capabilities can be added by activating plug-ins.

We have only uncovered the tip op the ‘ice berg’ with the mentioned benefits, but don’t want to bore you with another page or two of benefits. The fact remains that a total new world opens up for those who embrace cutting edge technologies. AmpleTech takes care of the technology to allow business owners to focus on their businesses. Business owners and marketing departments can now have the ability to blast information out to the internet and to cellphones anywhere in the world, giving them access to the most powerful marketing and broadcasting capabilities on the internet via a simple word processor-like website interface.

Any business can own a cutting edge and technology packed website with capabilities marketers dream about, yet easy enough to be maintained by a school kid. You don’t even need a computer, as you can easily maintain a site using a smartphone from a beachfront resort anywhere in the world.


Contact us today to order a modern dynamic website at one of our partner blogging networks or for your corporation, franchise, shopping mall or business network where you can host many independent websites on a single domain. Having a powerful website is fantastic, but networking on the internet multiplies the efficiency and authority your website can enjoy.

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