The Modern Internet and Business

The Modern Internet and Business

Internet Users:   Internet users are no longer browsing the Internet alone and require an interactive experience.  Instead of simply reading pages, pointing and clicking as in the past; website visitors want to see and talk to fellow visitors and site personnel, conversing by speaking or typing.  People want to ask and answer questions, share information, work together and get help from live site assistants or sales people if a product or service on offer.  Furthermore they want to make voice and video calls to colleagues and friends via the Internet without long-distance charges; exchange instant messages and post notes to each other in Information Centres.

Website Facilities:  Modern websites include Open Source ID capabilities, integrate with social networks and bookmarking services, provide visitors with commenting facilities, micro-blogging integration, discussion forums, media wiki’s, opinion polls, news feeds (RSS Feeds) and much more.  Furthermore websites should be mobile or cell phone enabled, linked to local maps, places and 3 dimensional street views.  Site information can also be made available through augmented reality applications to display site information via cameras in smart phones and can be included in map markers and other facilities.

Website Owners:  For the site owner, a modern website must be able to aggregate related niche information from the public domain and serve selected news items to various platforms, including mobile devices.  The website should be dynamic and able to generate automated in-text hyperlinks, have virtual ad spaces, information widgets and it must be easy for non-technical personnel to adapt the site to daily business requirements.  The modern website should not be single server or host provider dependant and it must be able to integrate various applications and media into a single virtual website with a consistent look and feel.  Furthermore solutions should not require experts to install or maintain and should rather be from open than proprietary sources.  Site owner also requires targeted website traffic and search engine rankings, not to mention being ranked on local online maps accessible from mobile devices.


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AUTHOR: Hans Vosloo