Why Are Internet Maps So Important?

Why Are Internet Maps So Important?

INTERNET MAPS – People do not only love to explore the World and distant places via the internet to find interesting facts about places, but also to plan trips, vacations and much more via interactive internet maps and Google Earth. Not too long ago, people had to rely on brochures when travelling the world to get an idea what is available in the area. Brochures however cannot cater for every event, taste or personal preference.

What if your car suddenly breaks down, someone needs a haircut or starts feeling ill? Tourists frequently adapt travel arrangements; require shopping facilities or want to know more about local events and things to do while on vacation. Surely they can contact their travel agent for information, enquire at hotel desks, use a GPS or contact their embassies, but most people just use the internet and they can now do it from their cellphones.




Google Earth and Internet Maps offer so much more than brochures as you can really explore almost any part of the world to make informed decisions before travelling to an area. Layers of information can be switched on or off to filter information about weather, traffic, pictures, history, businesses and much more.

Companies appearing on Google Earth, Maps or the first pages of Search Results, are in the ideal position to attract new visitors or potential customers within the area where they are located. Internet search facilities are now giving priority in search results to local companies that are willing to engage the public via interactive internet facilities and provide links to such facilities via map markers. Companies must however ensure that they are on the map, that their contact information is correct, they must engage the public via social networks and many companies just neglect this important marketing aspect or else they don’t know where to start.




Augmented reality applications can assist cellphone users to look at the real world via cellphone cameras to find more information about a business, but then the business must appear on local maps and use the latest marketing technologies. The public can even call a business via their websites if “Click to Call” technology is implemented on mobile or cellphone compatible websites.

AmpleTech assist companies to claim their map markers and to engage the public via interactive facilities to gain companies more potential customers. Several additional services are also provided, which include public perception management, social media management, search engine optimisation, internet broadcasting and many other services.

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